Bankruptcy Course

In order to file bankruptcy is ridiculous, First let me say that the entire idea of requiring consumers to have to get a pre-bankruptcy credit counseling certificate by doing bankruptcy course. The requirement for people to finish some compulsory bankruptcy course class was originally supported by credit counselors that were hoping consumers would be driven to them and they could instead convince them to enter their credit counseling debt management plan instead. But for a credit counseling solution, the people heading into bankruptcy are not good candidates. As predicted, The plan backfired. The first step is to take a mandatory pre-filing Bankruptcy Credit Counseling class, When you are ready to file for bankruptcy, with an approved provider such as Access Counseling Inc . The conversion rate from pre-bankruptcy counseling to a debt management plan is horribly low.
bankruptcy course
You will be issued a certificate of completion, Once you complete this bankruptcy course. The certificate will quickly be sent to both you and your attorney (if you are working with one) and is to be included as part of the paperwork for the bankruptcy filing process with the court.
Are you considering filing for bankruptcy course?
If you have not yet decided whether to file for bankruptcy to eliminate other types of debt or credit card debt, contact us for a counseling session. We will partner with you to:
a. Understand your financial goals and situation
b. Develop an action plan for moving forward
c. Develop a personalized budget
d. Offer recommendations for helping you get out of debt
e. Explain your options to eliminate debt, including bankruptcy
You are required to complete bankruptcy counseling from an agency approved by the U.S. Department of Justice, In order to file a Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy. We are approved to provide the certificate required to file for bankruptcy and bankruptcy counseling. We are also approved to provide the certificate required to discharge your debts and necessary bankruptcy course. These bankruptcy education and counseling services are available at our website.
The only downside of this pre-bankruptcy credit counseling class, like that offered by any other provider, is that it will take ONE HOUR of your life you will never get back again.until the allotted time has passed, the website does NOT allow you to advance through the counseling sections. And why can’t you complete any pre-bankruptcy counseling session faster?
In accordance with law, to Section 58.15 of the Interim Final Rule put out by the Executive Office for the United States Trustee, Department of Justice, Agencies and credit counselors shall provide budget analysis,, briefings, and credit counseling services to clients lasting an average of 60-90 minutes in length. Because this site’s goal is to allow you to receive your Certificate of Counseling by completing the counseling requirement online, there is a mechanism in place that will prevent clients from moving from section to section too quickly.
If you choose the online class, please note that after completing the online course you must speak with a live Access counselor to complete your counseling session.